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Sowelu 「光」 2007.12.19 OUT

Japanese pop singer Sowelu (25), whose real name is Harada Aki, will be releasing her 16th single, “Hikari” on December 19th under the DefSTAR RECORDS label. The title track was used as the movie theme song for Chacha -Tengai no Onna-. The new single comes just six months since the release of “Dare Yori Suki na no ni” in June. Sowelu first debuted with the single “beautiful dreamer” back in 2002 of April.

[DFCL-1428] Sowelu - Hikari (Single CD)
[ CDS | DFCL-1428 | ¥1,223 | info ][Pre-Order]

[DFCL-1426~DFCL-1427] Sowelu - Hikari (Single CD+DVD)
[ CD+DVD (Ltd) | DFCL-1426~DFCL-1427 | ¥1,575 | info2 ][Pre-Order]

[Official Website]

Single: Sowelu – Hikari



  1. 光 (Hikari)
  2. Still lovin’ you
  3. 光 (Instrumental) (Hikari (Instrumental))


  1. 光 (Hikari)(Music Video)
  2. Making of 「光」 (Making of ‘Hikari’)
  3. 5th Anniversary 特別企画映像 PartⅢ
    (5th Anniversary Tokubetsu Kikaku Eizou Part III)


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