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メロン記念日 「MELON JUICE」 2007.12.12 OUT

Hello! Project group Melon Kinen-bi will be releasing their first mini-album, “MELON JUICE” on the 12th of December under the zetima label. The album includes their most recent singles, “UNFORGETTABLE” and “Onegai Miwaku no TARGET ~MANGO PURIN Mix~”. Current members of the group are Saito Hitomi (leader), Murata Megumi (sub-leader), Ohtani Masae and Shibata Ayumi. Melon Kinen-bi first debuted with the single, “Amai Anata no Aji” back in February 2000 and recently released a best-of album entitled “FRUITY KILLER TUNE” exactly a year ago.

[EPCE-5526] Melon Kinen-bi - MELON JUICE (Album CD)
[ CDA | EPCE-5526 | ¥2,500 | info | Official Website ][Order]

Album: Melon Kinen-bi – MELON JUICE



  1. カリスマ・綺麗 (CHARISMA-Kirei)
  2. ランチ (LUNCH)
  3. 6月のサンシャイン (6gatsu no SUNSHINE)
  4. ドライブ (DRIVE)
  5. あくま de FAKE (Akuma de FAKE)
  6. アンフォゲッタブル (UNFORGETTABLE)
  7. お願い魅惑のターゲット~マンゴープリン (Onegai Miwaku no TARGET ~MANGO PURIN Mix~)


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