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光岡昌美 Hana」 2007.11.28 OUT

Masami Mitsuoka (21), former member of the Japanese girl group Sister Q, will release her solo debut single “Hana” on November 28th under the PONY CANYON FLIGHTMASTER label. The single is the ending theme song for the TV Tokyo Anime Blue Dragon. The PREMIUM PACK CD+DVD edition will include a bonus track.

[PCCA-70200] Mitsuoka Masami - Hana (Single CD)
[ CDS | PCCA-70200 | ¥1,050 | info ][Order]

[PCCA-02561] Mitsuoka Masami - Hana (Single CD+DVD)
[ CD+DVD (PREMIUM PACK) | PCCA-02561 | ¥1,575 | preview ][Order]

[Official Website]

Single: Mitsuoka Masami – Hana



  1. Hana
  2. kizuato
  3. eternally (PREMIUM PACK CD+DVD bonus track)
  4. Hana -Instrumental-


  • Hana (Video Clip)
  • Hana (MITSUOKA MASAMI Version)
  • Hana (Making Film)
  • 傷跡 (Video Clip) (Kizuato (Video Clip))
  • Hana (TV SPOT)


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