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倉木麻衣 「ONE LIFE」 2008.01.01 OUT

Japanese pop singer Kuraki Mai (25), whose real name is Aono Mai, starts off the New Year with a brand new album, “ONE LIFE” on the 1st of January under the NORTHERN MUSIC label. This will be her 7th original studio album and will include her latest single, “Silent love ~open my heart~ / BE WITH U” plus “Season of love”, “Shiroi Yuki” and a bonus track, “Over The Rainbow”. The new album comes just over a year since the release of “DIAMOND WAVE” back in August of 2006, which ranked at #3 on the Oricon charts. Mai’s first debut album “delicious way” was released on June 28, 2006 and reached #1 on the Oricon charts and have since sold over 3.5 million copies.

[VNCM-9002] Kuraki Mai - ONE LIFE (CD Album)
[ CDA | VNCM-9002 | ¥3,059 | info | info2 ][Order]

[Official Website]

Album: Kuraki Mai – ONE LIFE



  1. One Life
  2. I Like it Like that
  3. one for me
  4. Born to be Free
  5. 白い雪 (Shiroi Yuki)
  6. Silent love ~open my heart~
  7. everything
  8. Season of love
  9. secret roses
  10. Wonderland
  11. BE WITH U
  12. Over The Rainbow (Bonus Track)


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倉木麻衣 「Silent love~open my heart~ / BE WITH U」 2007.11.21 OUT

The wait is over, after over nine months since the release of “Season of love” in February, Mai Kuraki will be releasing her long-awaited 27th and first double A-side single, “Silent love~open my heart~ / BE WITH U” on November 21st. In addition to a CD-only format, the single will be the first to also contain a First Press Limited Edition CD+DVD, that will includes a live acoustic version of “Feel fine!” from her FAN CLUB EVENT plus an unknown first press extra. An acoustic version of “Feel fine!” will be available on the CD-only version. It is unknown if a PV for both songs will be included on the DVD. [Source]

(Old cover)
[VNCM-6003 / VNCM-6002] Mai Kurai - Silent love~open my heart~ / BE WITH U (Single - CD / CD+DVD)

(New cover)
[VNCM-6003 / VNCM-6002] Kuraki Mai - Silent love~open my heart~ / BE WITH U (Single - CD/CD+DVD)
[ CDS | VNCM-6003 | ¥1,050 | info ][Order]
[ CD+DVD | VNCM-6002 | ¥1,260 | info2 ][Order]

[ Official Website ]

Single: MAI KURAKI 「Silent love~open my heart~ / BE WITH U」


[CD (regular version)]

  1. Silent love~open my heart~
  2. BE WITH U
  3. Feel fine! ~acoustic ver.~
  4. Silent love~open my heart~ -instrumental-
  5. BE WITH U -instrumental-

[CD+DVD (First Press Limited Edition)]

  1. Silent love~open my heart~
  2. BE WITH U
  3. Silent love~open my heart~ -instrumental-
  4. BE WITH U -instrumental-


  1. Feel fine! ~acoustic live ver.~

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