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Mizrock (渡辺みづき) 「Best Friend」 2007.10.24 OUT

Japanese Pop/Rock singer Watanabe Mizuki (26) will be releasing her first single, under the new stage name Mizrock entitled, “Best Friend” on October 24th with her current label Universal Music. This will be her 9th single release to date since her debut single, “I WILL” in June 1999. She released two singles under Watabe Mizuki and six singles under the stage name Miz. The limited first press CD+DVD includes the video clip single and a bonus track on the CD-only version.

[UPCH-80043] Mizrock - Best Friend (Single CD)
[ CDS | UPCH-80043 | ¥1,000 | info ][Order]

[UPCH-89015] Mizrock - Best Friend (Single CD+DVD)
[ CD+DVD | UPCH-89015 | ¥1,300 | preview ][Order]

[ Official Website ]

Single: Mizrock 「Best Friend」



  1. Best Friend
  2. Hello me!
  3. Big Sky (ha-j Ah yeah dance wiz Mizrock mix) (CD Only)
  4. Best Friend (Backing Track)
  5. Hello me! (Backing Track)


  • Best Friend (Video Clip)


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