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Yuna Ito Ready To Love Again?

The Japan Times Online recently published an article, “J-pop starlet Yuna Ito gets her groove back” a couple days ago.

“I got my heart broken for the first time,” laments Yuna Ito, “at the unbelievable age of 24!”

Hearing her vibrant new single, “Koi wa Groovy²” (“Love is Groovy²”), it would be hard to guess that such an experience would be the inspiration. “It’s about getting ready to love again,” she remarks warmly.

Yuna Ito’s new single, “Koi wa Groovy²” will be release on November 26, 2008.

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Koda Kumi 「stay with me」 2008.12.10 OUT

Just in time for winter, Koda Kumi will be releasing her 42nd single, “stay with me” on December 10th under the Rhythm Zone label. The single is describes as a “winter love ballad” according to her official site. The title track will be used as the new CM for au LSIMO.

[ CD+DVD | RZCD-46119/B | ¥1,890 | info ][Pre-Order]

[ CDS | RZCD-46120 | ¥1,050 ][Pre-Order]

RZCD-46121 (Fan Club Edition)
[ CDS (Playroom Edition) | SRCL-6924 | ¥840 ]

[Official Website]

Single: Koda Kumi – stay with me


  1. stay with me
  2. Winter Bell
  3. stay with me (Alternate arrangement version)
  4. stay with me (Instrumental)
  5. Winter Bell (Instrumental)


  1. stay with me -MUSIC VIDEO-
  2. stay with me -MUSIC VIDEO- ANOTHER EDITION (tentitive title)

[Playroom Edition CD]

  1. stay with me
  2. stay with me (Instrumental)

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Yuna Ito 「KOI WA GROOVY x2」 2008.11.26 OUT

Yuna Ito is set to release her 12th single, “KOI WA GROOVY x2” on November 26th under the Sony label. The title track is being used as the campaign song for GAP 2008 Holiday Collection Winter Neutrals in Japan.

[ CDS | SRCL-6924 | ¥1,223 | info ][Pre-Order]

[Official Website]

Single: Yuna Ito – KOI WA GROOVY x2


  1. 恋はgroovy×2 (KOI WA GROOVY x2)
  2. 真冬の星座 (Mafuyu no Seiza)
  3. miss you -Hawaiian Breeze Remix-
  4. 恋はgroovy×2 (KOI WA GROOVY x2) (Instrumental)


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