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SHANADOO 「THINK ABOUT」 2007.12.07 OUT (Germany Release)


Germany’s all-female Japanese Eurodance group SHANADOO will release their new single, “THINK ABOUT” (originally entitled “Think About The Omen”) and second original album “THE SYMBOL” (originally entitled “The Omen”) on the 7th of December. The single and album will be released under Icezone Music (Universal) in Germany and other European markets. Just like their previous single, “Japanese Boy“, this will be their second release sung entirely in English that will not be a cover of any E-ROTIC songs.

[Single] SHANADOO - Thing About the Omen (2 Track) (Germany Release)
[ CDS (2-Track Edition) | PND051162 | €3.49 | info | Germany Release ]

[Single] SHANADOO - Think About [Enhanced] (Germany Release)
[ CDS (Ltd. Edition) | UNI300223 | €6.99 | info | Germany Release ]

[Single] SHANADOO - Think About the Omen - Ltd. Prem (Germany Release)
[ CDS (Prem. Edition) | UNI300222 | €6.99 | info | Germany Release]

[Official Website (German)]



[CD (2-Track Edition)]

  1. THINK ABOUT (Radio Edit)
  2. Bonjour Tristesse (Bonus Track)

[CD (Limited Edition)]

  1. THINK ABOUT (Radio Edit)
  2. Bonjour Tristesse (Bonus Track)
  3. THINK ABOUT (Making of video)

[CD (Premium Edition)]

  1. THINK ABOUT (Radio Edit)
  2. THINK ABOUT (Extended Version)
  3. THINK ABOUT (Remix)
  4. Bonjour Tristesse (Bonus Track)
  5. THINK ABOUT (Video)


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SHANADOO – “Japanese Boy” 5th Single – 2007.09.21 OUT

SHANADOO, an all-female Japanese Eurodance group that is produced in Germany is releasing their 5th Single, “Japanese Boy” on September 21st on the Icezone Music label. Members of the group consist of Junko Fukuda, Chika Shibuya, Manami Fuku and Marina Genda. They first debuted with their first single in June 2006 in Germany entitled, “King Kong”, a cover of E-rotic’s 2000 song and later popularized by the Japanese group, HINOI Team.

SHANADOO’s works were exclusive to Germany and other European markets, such as Austria, until December of 2006, when avex announced that a then untitled debut album would be released on February 28, 2007 in Japan. [wikipedia]

SHANADOO - Japanese Boy (Premium single)
SHANADOO: “Japanese Boy” (Premium Single)
[ CDS (Germany) | B000TZHGL2 | info | Official Site (German) (Japanese) ]

SHANADOO - Japanese Boy (2 Track Single)
SHANADOO: “Japanese Boy” (2 Track Single)
[ CDS (Germany) | B000V75LLK | info | Official Site (German) (Japanese) ]


[Premium Single]

  1. Japanese Boy (Radio Edit)
  2. Japanese Boy (Extended Version)
  3. Japanese Boy (Remix)
  4. Sayonara Blue
  5. Japanese Boy (Video)

[2 Track Single]

  1. Japanese Boy (Radio Edit)
  2. Sayonara Blue


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