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木村カエラ 「Jasper」 2008.2.06 OUT

Japanese pop/rock singer and former “Seventeen” model, Kimura Kaela (23, half-Japanese and half-British) will release her 11th single, “Jasper” on the 6th of February under the Columbia Records label. The new single is produced by Ishino Takkyu of Denki Groove and is the theme song for the Japan theatrical release of the 2007 Hollywood film, “Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium”. Kaela first debuted with the single, “Level 42” back in May of 2004.

[COCA-16050] Kimura Kaela - Jasper (Single CD)
[ CDS | COCA-16050 | ¥1,050 | info ][Pre-Order]

[COZA-291] Kimura Kaela - Jasper (Single CD+DVD)
[ CD+DVD (Ltd) | COZA-291 | ¥1,470 | info2 ][Pre-Order]

[Official Website]

Single: Kimura Kaela – Jasper



  1. Jasper
  2. Dive Into Shallow
  3. Jasper (Instrumental)
  4. Dive Into Shallow (Instrumental)


  1. No Reason Why (PV)
  2. Honey B~みつばちダンス (Honey B~Mitsubachi Dance) (PV)


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