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JUJU 1st アルバム 「Wonderful Life」 2007.10.10 OUT

Barely over four months after the release of her debut mini-album “Open Your Heart – Sugao no Mama de”, Jazz/R&B/Pop artist JUJU will be releasing her first full album “Wonderful Life” on October 10th under the Sony Music label. The album include the latest single, “Natsu No Hana”, the ending theme song for the TV Anime “Mo No No Ke” and “Kiseki Nozumunara…,” originally from her mini-album, was the SUBARU Legacy Outback TVCM image song, TV Tokyo Drama24 “Cupid no Itazura Nijidama” ending theme and TV Tokyo “Japan Count Down” opening theme in February. She first debuted with the single “Hikari no naka e” released on August 25, 2004. JUJU has been a “featuring” artist on more than 10 songs since 2001, including the latest song, “THE POWER OF LOVE” on the just released TRIBUTE TO CELINE DIONcompilation album.

[AICL-1860] JUJU - Wonderful Life (Album)
[ CDA | AICL-1860 | ¥3,059 | info | Official Website ][Order]

Album: JUJU 「Wonderful Life」



  1. 奇跡を望むなら… (Kiseki Nozumunara…)
  2. rush hour
  3. Song For You
  4. あこがれてた関係 (Anata ga Reteta Kankei)
  5. Lost & Found
  6. 笑顔の残像 (Egao no Zanzou)
  7. MIS
  8. me against the material world
  9. キミに会いに行こう (Kimi ni Kai ni Ikou)
  10. ナツノハナ (NATSU NO HANA)
  11. Sayonara
  12. Open Your Heart ~素顔のままで~ (Open Your Heart ~Sugao no Mama de~)
  13. Wonderful Life


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