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AI 「One」 2007.11.07 OUT

Nearly four months since the release of “I’ll Remember You / BRAND NEW DAY”, the “Queen of Hip Hop Soul” AI (Uemura Carina Ai) will be releasing her 16th single, “ONE” on November 7th. The single is the theme song for the Fuji TV Drama Iryuu Team Medical Dragon 2. She first debuted with the single, “Cry, just Cry” in November of 2000.

[UPCI-5058] AI - One (Single)
[ CDS | UPCI-5058 | ¥1,200 | info | info2 | Official Website ][Order]

Single: AI – One



  1. ONE
  2. Get up feat. SPHERE of INFLUENCE
  3. BRAND NEW DAY (Live)
  4. ONE (Instrumental)


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