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いきものがかり 「茜色の約束」 2007.10.24 RELEASE

Ikimono Gakari, a three-member rock band from Kanagawa Prefecture, just released their 7th single entitled, “Akaneiro no Yakusoku” under the Epic Japan Records label. Ikimono Gakari’s members Yoshioka Kiyoe (Vocals), Mizuno Yoshiki (Guitar & Vocals; leader) and Yamashita Hotaka (Guitar & Harmonica) first debut with the single, “SAKURA” in March 2006. This will be Ikimono Gakari’s third single release this year and just over two months since their last single, “Natsuzora Graffiti / Seishun Line” on August 8th. The title track is being used as the au LISMO CM Campaign Song and tvk “saku saku” ending theme. A special sticker will be included in the limited first pressing.

[ESCL-3012] Ikimono Gakari - Akaneiro no Yakusoku (Single)
[ CDS | ESCL-3012 | ¥1,223 | info | previews | Official Website ][Order]

Single: Ikimono Gakari – Akaneiro no Yakusoku



  1. 茜色の約束 (Akaneiro no Yakusoku)
  2. 心一つあるがまま (Kokoro Hitotsu Aru ga Mama)
  3. 月夜恋風 (Tsukiyo Koikaze)
  4. 茜色の約束 -instrumental- (Akaneiro no Yakusoku -instrumental-)


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