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鬼束ちひろ 「LAS VEGAS」 2007.10.31 RELEASE

It’s been nearly five years since singer-songwriter Onitsuka Chihiro (27) released an original album, and now has just released her come-back album and her first under Universal Music entitled, “LAS VEGAS” yesterday in Japan. Her new album debuts at #2 on the Oricon Daily Album Ranking. This is her fourth studio album to date and was produced by Kobayashi Takeshi, former keyboardist of My Little Lover. The album includes her latest single, “Bokura Bara-iro no Hibi” released in September and “everyhome” in May. Chihiro’s first album, “Insomnia” was released in March of 2001 under Toshiba EMI and has sold over 1.3 million copies. For the first time, the new album will also be available in a CD+DVD version.

[ CDA | UMCK-1230 | ¥3,000 | info ][Order]

[ CD+DVD | UMCK-9188 | ¥3,300 | info2 ][Order]

[Official Website]

Album: Onitsuka Chihiro – LAS VEGAS



  1. Sweet Rosemary
  2. bad trip
  3. 蝋の翼 (Rou no Tsubasa)
  4. 僕等 バラ色の日々 (Bokura Bara-iro no Hibi)
  5. amphibious
  6. MAGICAL WORLD (Album Version)
  7. A Horse and A Queen
  8. Rainman (Album Version)
  9. Angelina
  11. everyhome


  1. everyhome -Music Video- (version 1)
  2. everyhome -Music Video- (version 2)
  3. 僕等 バラ色の日々 -Music Video-


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