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チャットモンチー 2ndアルバム 「生命力」 2007.10.24 OUT

CHATMONCHY, a three-member female rock band from Tokushima Prefecture (Shikoku, Japan), will be releasing their 2nd full-length album, “Seimeiryoku” under the Ki/oon Records label. Current members of CHATMONCHY are Hashimoto Eriko (Vocals/Guitar) , Fukuoka Akiko (Bass/Chorus) and Takahashi Kumiko (Drums/Chorus). The 13-track album includes the latest single, “Daidai”, which was released last month, along with their previously released singles, “Tobiuo no Butterfly”, “Sekai ga Owaru Yoru ni”, “Joshi Tachi ni Asu wa Nai” and “Shangrila”. They first debuted with a mini-album, “chatmonchy has come” in November 2005. The initial first pressing comes in a Digipack-style packaging and super picture-labeled disk and will only be available in limited quantity.

[KSCL-1120] chatmonchy - Seimeiryoku (Album)
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Album: CHATMONCHY 「Seimeiryoku」



  1. 親知らず (Oya Shirazu)
  2. Make Up! Make Up!
  3. シャングリラ (Shangrila)
  4. 世界が終わる夜に (Sekai ga Owaru Yoru ni)
  5. 手のなるほうへ (Te no Naru Hou e)
  6. とび魚のバタフライ (Tobiuo no Butterfly)
  7. 橙 (Daidai)
  8. 素直 (Sunao)
  9. 真夜中遊園地 (Mayonaka Yuuen Chi)
  10. 女子たちに明日はない (Joshi Tachi ni Asu wa Nai)
  11. バスロマンス (Bus Romance)
  12. モバイルワールド (Mobile World)
  13. ミカヅキ (Mikadzuki)


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