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大塚 愛 4thアルバム 「LOVE PiECE」 2007.09.26 OUT

This week, singer-songwriter and pianoist Otsuka Ai (24) will be releasing her 4th album, “LOVE PiECE” under the Avex label on September 26th. The album includes her latest double A-side single, “PEACH / HEART”, “Frienger”, “Yumekui” and “Renai Shashin”. LOVE PiECE will be released in two editions: a CD+DVD version and a CD only version. The limited first press CD+DVD includes a bonus music clip, “U-Boat” from the LOVE COOK album, while the first press of the CD only version includes a 40-page original album photo book. Both first press editions will be packaged in a special CD case (3-sided spinal box) in 6 different colors (blue, green, black, yellow, purple or pink).

Otsuka Ai - LOVE PiECE [CDA][CD+DVD]
[ CDA | AVCD-23397 | ¥3,059 | info | Official Site ][Order]
[ CD+DVD | AVCD-23396 | ¥3,800 | info | Official Site ][Order]



  1. 未来タクシー (Mirai Taxi)
  2. ユメクイ (Yumekui)
  3. Mackerel’s canned food
  4. PEACH
  5. クムリウタ (Kumuriuta)
  6. 星のタンゴ (Hoshi no Tango)
  7. 蚊取線香 (Katorisenkou)
  8. フレンジャー (Frienger)
  9. CHU-LIP
  10. HEART
  11. 恋愛写真 (Renai Shashin)


  1. クムリウタ (Kumuriuta) [Music Clip]
  2. HEART [Music Clip]
  3. U-ボート (U-Boat) [Music Clip] (First Press Bonus)


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