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松任谷 由実 「人魚姫の夢」 2007.09.05 OUT

Singer and songwriter, Yumi Matsutoya (53) will be releasing her new single, “Ningyohime No Yume” on September 5th. “Ningyohime No Yume” is the theme song to the entertainment show, “YUMIN SPECTACLE SHANGRILA III ~DOLPHIN NO YUME.”

Matsutoya Yumi - Ningyohime no Yume (Sinlge)
[ CDS | TOCT-40161 | ¥800 | info | Official Website ][Order]
[ CD+DVD | TOCT-40160 | ¥1,300 | info | Official Website ][Order]



  1. 人魚姫の夢 (Ningyohime No Yume)
  2. Au Nom de la Rose (instrumental)
  3. 人魚姫の夢 (Ningyohime No Yume)(karaoke)


  1. 「人魚の夢」 Promotion Video
  2. Promotion Video 制作ドキュメント (Seisaku Document)
  3. ライヴDVD 「シャングリラⅢ」ダイジェスト映像 (Live DVD “SHANGRILA III -A DREAM OF DOLPHINS-” Digest Eizo)


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