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Tenjo Chiki  「Stand Up People」 2008.07.23 OUT

The 4-member Korean girl group Tenjochiki (Cheon Sang Ji Hee The Grace) is set to release their 6th Japanese single entitled, “Stand Up People” on the 23rd of July under the rhythm zone label.

[ CDS | RZCD-45944 | ¥1,050 ][Pre-Order]

[ CD+DVD | RZCD-45943/B | ¥1,890 ][Pre-Order]

[Official Website]

Single: Tenjo Chiki – Stand Up People



  1. Stand Up People
  2. Dear friend
  3. Stand Up People -R.Yamaki’s Original Version-
  4. One More Time,OK? “Royal Mirror ball Mix”
  5. Dear friend -Instrumental-
  6. Stand Up People -Instrumental-


  1. Stand Up People (Video Clip)
  2. 天上智喜 Graceful Party Vol.1追加公演ダイジェスト映像@代官山UNIT (Tenjo Chiki Graceful Party Vol.1 Tsuika Kouen Digest Eizou Daikan Yama UNIT)
  3. 天上智喜 Graceful Party Vol.1 Off Shot (Tenjo Chiki Graceful Party Vol.1 Tsuika Kouen Off Shot) (Limited First Press)

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